Mind Blowing tip for Sona players and Nautilus players!

sona Naut

PS: From my experience of playing Sona I do not think you should use the attack reset most of the times when you harass, because the split second it takes more for Sona is fatal for her, because of how squish she is. On that note in the middle of fight it is more relevant, and I have used it with good result.
Hey long time no post. This is a quick post because while prowling through League of Legends Wikia I found a mind blowing information, which I never knew about. I am sure some players knew about this, but many do not. In-fact, it is not even talked about in guides.

So here it is.

  • Power Chord (her passive) resets Sona`s attack timer!!!!
  • Titan`s Wrath (his shield skill) resets Nautilus`s attack timer!!!!

Wowzaaaaaa! I was a fool all these times when I believed I was a decent enough Sona player… v_v

I definitely did not associate these skills with attack timing resetting skills. Anyways, lets talk about what this actually mean.

  • To get the optimal damage on your power chord you auto attack when your power chord is at 2 charge then quickly use Q, W, or E then auto again instead of just auto attacking once with power chord when your power chord is charged.
  • To get the optimal damage on Nautilus you auto then activate shield and auto again instead of activating shield first then auto attacking.

Attack timer reset allows you to get one more auto attack in at the cost of fraction of a second, which is a lots of damage especially during early game. Hopefully this tip helps many players (including myself) who are not dealing 50 to 80 potential damage during early game pokes and ganks with Sona and Nautlius.

PS: do not get your self killed with Sona trying to force it, because Sona is that squish and with Sona. It is sometimes better to not use Power chord, because Q is at 700 range and Power chord is at 550 range 😛

Nautilus though should 100% be able to get this off with his passive during ganks though.


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