Champion Tips(Riven): Broken Wing combo

You can execute Riven’s Q(Broken Wing), auto, Q, auto, Q, auto combo faster if you give attack command on the ground immediately after Q right beside the enemy instead of right clicking on the enemy.

You might have noticed while playing as or playing against some Riven that some Riven has way faster Q, auto combo. This is called animation canceling and Riven’s Q animation has lots of animation that can be canceled to shorten her combo time dramatically (depends on user but you can chip off more than a second).

To properly execute this combo effectively each keyboard or mouse input has to come immediately after the previous action. Faster you can do it the better.

Q=>attack command on the ground=>Q=>attack command on the ground=>Q=>attack command on the ground.

Default attack command on the ground is press A then left click on the ground.

One down side to this is that since you are giving attack command instead of targeting you will auto your closest enemy instead, which makes it harder  to use on a clumped up enemy.

You need very fast hand to execute this properly. However if you do have a pair of fast hands or is willing to practice for it, this method will dramatically shorten the time it takes to perform Riven’s combo and increase your damage per second dramatically.

I personally do not play Riven (probably one of my worst champions), but luckily this information comes from more valid source, aka former korean pro looking for team :p .


the video is all in Korean however.

PS: I do  not know if the animation can be canceled with attack command on the enemy  and I will update if I can get solid info on this.


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